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of effective recruitment

Network of professional recruiters jointly working on recruitment projects. Synergy of experience and technology ensures faster, cheaper and more effective hiring of new employees.

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Broad and unlimited access to recruitment projects and candidates from other recruiters and companies.

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Recruitment with Jobllegro

Intuitive start

Create your own project or join existing. You don’t have any initial costs.

Network-based cooperation model

Invite other recruiters and candidates. Easily and effectively manage the process. Never lose control over the final result.

Effective delivery

Choose only from the best candidates and recommend them to your clients. Employee can now choose the most fitting and promising talent. Whole process is carried out on the platform.

Clear settlement rules

Full transparency of the process and its settlements. And you pay only for the effect.

Benefits for Recruiters

Optimize revenue

Monetize unused work form already closed recruitment projects.

Unique access to talent

Fast and direct access to the most attractive potential new hires. Only to those who were professionally verified and are currently open to change their jobs.

Exclusive access to recruitment projects

Ability to work on projects of other recruiters and companies on the platform.

New level of effectiveness

Faster closing of recruitments through ablility to utilize one work on many projects at the same time. Settlement system promoting speed and quality at the same time.

Untap potential of effective recruitment

If you have a problem with effective talent acquisition Jobllegro is just for you.

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